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Making Abortion Rare 
A Healing Strategy
for a Divided Nation
"Brilliant. . .unique. . . . Making Abortion Rare will accomplish what its title claims--and much more. . . . Every pro-lifer, and certainly everyone in a leadership position, needs to read this book."
-- Fr. Paul Marx, Founder of Human Life International
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Book Review of Making Abortion Rare

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What reviewers are saying about Making Abortion Rare.

"Fascinating and convincing... ‘can't miss' book..."--Bookstore Journal

"This is exactly what women who have had abortions have been wanting to hear. We want to feel understood. We want to be accepted by those around us. David Reardon is faithfully and compassionately reaching out to us: those who have achieved healing, those who still feel oppressed by shame, and those who simply cannot confront their buried past. More than that, he shows others how to do the same so together we can create a less confrontational and more healing environment which is truly both pro-woman and pro-life.... I pray that this book will be widely read and reflected upon. It provides us with the road map to a kinder and gentler pro-life movement, one which will achieve far more, far more quickly, than we have ever achieved in the past."--Nancyjo Mann, Founder, Women Exploited by Abortion

"David Reardon has shown a rare grasp of the current dynamics of the abortion controversy as it is today. His analysis and suggested pro-life strategy are right on the mark."--Jack Willke, M.D., Pres., International Right to Life Federation

"Reardon is right on target. Under the old rules of the abortion debate, where the rights of women and the unborn were in opposition, there was no room for agreement. But Reardon has changed the rules. . . . He offers us a solution which honors the beliefs and desires and of the vast majority of Americans, whether pro-choice or pro-life. From this point on, the abortion debate will never be the same."--Mark Crutcher, Author, Lime 5

"This book is a wake-up call to those who want to make a difference. Anger and politics aside, the time is at hand for understanding the pain of those who have experienced abortion."--Vincent M. Rue, Ph.D., Co-Director, Institute for Pregnancy Loss 

"Making Abortion Rare is a well written and carefully considered work. Some may be skeptical of this 'radical' new perspective, but it is undeniably a compassionate one. That is why this book simply must be read by people on all sides of this volatile issue--especially by those who genuinely desire to both reduce abortion rates and advance women's rights."--Vicki Thorn, Founder, Project Rachel; Ex. Dir., National Office of Post-Abortion Reconciliation and Healing 

"David Reardon writes with knowledge and insight...and offers thoughtful and challenging ideas regarding the future direction of the pro-life movement."--Thomas W. Strahan, J.D., Rutherford Institute of Minnesota 

"Making Abortion Rare is forward thinking in its vision and recommendations, and rightfully reconnects the pro- woman cause with the pro-life message.... The author bears a deep commitment to and compassion for women"--Gracie Hsu, Public Policy Analyst, Family Research Council 

"Making Abortion Rare simply takes abortionists at their word—and much to their detriment when legal abortions are not also safe abortions. Reardon's imaginative informed consent law can only be opposed by those who seek to protect abortion profiteers at the expense of women."--Hon. Robert G. Marshall, Virginia General Assembly 

"Whether or not you agree with this book's specific legal, legislative and political strategy, David Reardon's unique perspective challenges the pro-life movement to never forget that protecting the preborn child means protecting the child's mother."--Mrs. Judie Brown, President, American Life League, Inc. 

"Abortion advocates have built their case for abortion on an elaborate system of misinformation.... Reardon's well-written important reading for those who want to end the plague of abortion."--Dr. Wanda Franz, President, National Right to Life Committee 

"Making Abortion Rare examines why the message 'abortion kills babies' is not sufficient to resolve the abortion debate. Reardon argues persuasively that we must use cultural momentum, not fight it, to build a solution on awareness of the damage abortion does to women. This is an important book, one that deserves the attention of activists on both sides--plus all those in the middle."--Frederica Mathewes-Green, Common Ground Network for Life and Choice; Author, Real Choices 

Order Making Abortion Rare Today
Special Discount!!

Published by Acorn Books, 224 pp. 
ISBN 0-9648957-7-3 (hardcover) $24.95 
ISBN 0-9648957-6-5 (paper) $14.95 
Toll-free Orders: 1-888-41-ACORN (1-888-412-2676).
Quantity discounts available.

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