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  • Front Page Text
  • Beyond the Politics of Abortion


  • We're Sorry
  • Remembering Thomas
  • Trying to Survive
  • My Name is Amanda


  • Who Is Most at Risk
  • Can Relationships Survive After Abortion?
  • How Safe is Abortion? Dr. Beverly McMillan was the first woman to open an abortion clinic in Mississippi.
  • The Emotional Effects of Abortion
  • Are Later Children Affected by Abortion?
  • Healing

  • How to Help Others
  • To Those Who Mourn
  • Finding the Right Help . . . . Is Just A Phone Call Away
  • Clearing the Air About the Psychological Effects of Abortion
  • After an Abortion: Steps Toward Healing
  • Don't Go It Alone
  • How to Sow the Seeds of Healing
  • Do people have to believe in God to benefit from post-abortion counseling?
  • Are You Suffering from Post-Abortion Stress?
  • More Articles on Healing


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