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How to Measure Your Penis (for Men)

In today’s tough economic scenario, it’s imperative for men to measure their penis correctly.

For this, they have to plan for everything perfectly, even their penis size before sex.

For effective family planning, you must look for effective penis measuring methods.

While the conventional female contraceptive methods are quite popular, a method gaining steady popularity is the vasectomy for men.

Even a survey of 53 doctors showed how popular it is becoming.

But most men need to do something crucial before this procedure: Learn How to Measure Their Penis.


Because you want to make sure you don’t lose any penis size after the procedure.

You can learn how to measure your penis size in this tutorial.

Do Vasectomies Affect Your Penis Measurement Size?

Don’t worry, vasectomies don’t affect your penis size, but if you must, you can make sure you don’t lose anything by learning how to measure your penis size correctly before getting one done.

swimming sperm and a penis measurement

After the vasectomy, sperm can no longer reach the semen, and hence there remains no chance of pregnancy.

Therefore, it is a very effective method of contraception. In addition, it is also safer than female surgical contraception.

Thanks to the modern medical innovations that the method now takes less than 30 minutes to perform.

Measuring Your Penis is Not Painful

As the process is minimally invasive, patients do not feel much pain. Also, healing is faster and doesn’t require hospitalization.

However, it is important to understand the consequences and after effects of the vasectomy St Paul.

Therefore, take an appointment with your doctor to gain complete information about the procedure.

Make sure he knows how to measure penis size correctly.

You can have this procedure at any stage, but young adults should first consult with their partner as well as doctor to make an informed decision as you may think about having kids later in life.

Penis Size Measurement after a Procedure

tube tying on vas

When you have made that decision to visit a vasectomy clinic and talk to a doctor about having a vasectomy, the doctor will perform a physical examination, discuss your medical history and discuss the process of vasectomy and the vasectomy care that is needed after the procedure.

No Drugs are Needed In Order to Measure Your Penis Size

Some doctors will want you to stop taking blood thinners or any anti-inflammatory medications before you go to a vasectomy clinic to have the procedure done.

As well, before you go for the procedure, you will be told to have a driver to bring you to and from, to wear comfortable clothing and to take any medications the doctor has prescribed for you before the procedure.

Taking the Penis Measurement At The Clinic

Once you arrive at the vasectomy clinic for your procedure, you will be given local anesthesia so the area will be numb.

One of the three common procedures will be given to you after you and the doctor decide which is best for you.

At this point the doctor will take an initial measurement in order to make sure that he did not server any penile ligaments.

There is the conventional approach procedure in which a cut is made directly into the skin on the sides of the scrotum.

Through the openings that have been cut, the vas deferens will be pulled out so that the tubes can be cut and partially removed.

how to measure your penis after a procedure

The ends are then stitched, clipped or sealed with an electrical pulse. Next, the vas deferens goes back in the scrotum, and the cut is closed up with stitches.
The no-scalpel procedure is when the vas deferens is found under the scrotum skin and clamped to hold it.

After that he will take a post-surgical penis size (length and girth) measurement to make sure that he did not make any errors.

A special medical tool then pushes a hole through the skin, and the vas deferens pulled through, the tubes cut and then sealed back. No stitches would be required with this procedure.

With the Vas clip vasectomy, the vas deferens can have clips placed on them and cinched, and the clips will block the sperm.

The procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, and the anesthesia will prevent any pain while the procedure is being done. Pain medications can be given after the procedure, and this will be discussed with you during the after vasectomy care procedures by the doctor or nurse at the vasectomy clinic.

How to Get an Accurate Penis Measurement After a Vasectomy

Once you are home, there are things you can do to make sure you have a good recovery. First, you need to apply ice packs for the first 8 hours or so to help with swelling.

tools for measuring your penis

You should wait to take a shower until the day after the procedure and keep the procedure area very dry and clean.

The incisions should be kept covered with nice, clean gauze for at least three days. Sometimes antibiotics are given as a precaution after the procedure and if so, take them all.

Make Frequent Penis Measurements Everyday After the Procedure

Measuring your penis with a ruler or ring at home is important to do everyday after the event.

This is a common way to keep track and measure penis health.

You should not be involved in sports for about three weeks and should not lift or move any heavy things for about three weeks. If you find that the bleeding from the incision is excessive, you should contact your doctor and follow his instructions.

A few ejaculations may have blood in semen, but it disappears after complete healing. Caution and the advice of vasectomy doctor are necessary for successful recovery.

Initially, the sperm count will be above zero, so temporary birth control methods have to be used. You need to wait till two clear semen tests to have intercourse.

Pros and Cons of Penis Measuring


  • No effect on libido
  • No critical long-term effects
  • Highly effective and successful
  • No Effect on Penis Size Measurement


  • You have to mesure your penis first.
  • Reversal difficulties
  • No protection against STDs
  • Complications may appear if not follow doctor’s advice
  • Mild discomfort for a short period

Choose an Expert For a Penis Measurement

team of doctors

Always trust an expert Vasectomy doctor to get an accurate penis measurement. It can be done at the doctor’s clinic and do not take enough time.

Starting from the initial preparation to the actual procedure, everything is performed under an expert’s supervision to avoid any complications.

A short examination is scheduled before the procedure to ensure everything goes smoothly. The procedure is not very disturbing, so you would not feel much of anything.

The effectiveness of the procedure also depends on your doctor and his experience.

The good thing is that the procedure is reversible with the help of an experienced doctor.

So, if you plan to enjoy parenthood later in your life, then you can get the vasectomy reversal with higher chances of success, which is not usually in tubal ligation in females.

In Conclusion

Vasectomy is a major birth-control alternative that men can use for birth control.

But penis measuring is just as important, if not more.

Being less painful, cost-effective and safer method, it is gaining immense popularity.

There are extremely few instances of unplanned pregnancies after the procedure because of the nature of the surgery. However, it should not be considered without consulting your partner and doctor.

In fact, spend more time with your doctor understanding all aspects of the method – risk, safety, effectiveness and other things for your particular case.

Great! Now you know that you have to learn how to measure your penis before the procedure – so do it!

How To Maximize Sperm Count And Motility

Are you suffering from low motility and sperm count?

Don’t be disheartened.

Getting a low motility score doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world.

In fact, all it takes is a few lifestyle changes and some additions to your daily routine to get your sperm count up and running.

Research shows that it takes about 3 months for an average male to start getting fresh batches of sperm.

Try out these surefire methods on how you can maximize your sperm count.

1. Stop Smoking

Do you find yourself reaching for a cigarette every time you’re stressed out?

Well, stop.

Believe it or not, smoking tobaccos and cigarettes affects your motility in a negative way.

Aside from having a harmful effect on your lungs, the smoke and the deadly chemicals from cigarettes lower your sperm count.

Studies show that your semen may contain tobacco metabolites, which reduces the amount of sperm your body produces.

What’s more, smoking damages all aspects of sperm health, including motility, morphology and sperm count.

Other studies have found that smoking directly damages your sperm DNA.

Cutting back or eliminating the habit altogether allows your sperm to bounce back and recover.

In time you’ll have normal sperm cells and your motility will no doubt improve.

2. Less Alcoholic Drinks

A glass of wine a day won’t affect overall sperm motility.

But drinking heavily day after day will certainly affect your sperm’s performance.

Drinking too much can really cause a low sperm count.

Research has shown that a can of beer per week can decrease the chances of fatherhood by as much as 14 percent.

Bottom line is, think before you drink.

If you’re planning on becoming a father anytime soon, then it’s in your best interest to cut back on your alcoholic beverages.

Remember that alcohol makes your sperm swim slower.

Little to no alcohol in your system increases sperm quality.

3. Eat These Foods

More nutritious food naturally equals higher sperm count and of course, better motility.

If you’re looking to really get your chances up, then it’s in your best interest to invest in a healthy, motility-boosting diet.

Whole foods, vegetables and fruits will be your best bet.

They give your system a healthy boost and are good for your sperm count.

What you should look for are foods that are rich in linoleic acid and antioxidants because they increase sperm quality.

On the other hand, processed and artificial foods will cause motility and sperm numbers to drop.

D-AA, or D-Aspartic Acid is a kind of amino acid that’s present in sperm cells, semen and your testicles.

Taking D-AA supplements will invariably increase testosterone levels, which in turn increases fertility rate in men.

Vitamin C contains an abundant source of antioxidants, which reduce cell and free radical damage.

Studies have shown that vitamin C improves semen quality while reducing sperm cell deformity.

Infertile men suffering from oxidative stress can greatly benefit from adequate intake of vitamin C.

Then, there’s vitamin D, a component that boosts testosterone levels to new heights.

Zinc and vitamin D make up the cornerstones of healthy levels of motility.

It was found that men who had low sperm count and motility levels also had low zinc and vitamin D levels.

Last but not the least, try out these sperm-boosting superfoods- ginseng, maca root, walnuts, broccoli, dark chocolate, spinach, eggs, pumpkin seeds and goji berries.

Make a conscious decision to eat healthy alternatives instead of fat-laden, cholesterol filled junk.

4. Keep Electronic Devices Off Your Pocket

Your smart phone may be contributing to a low sperm count and decreased motility.

This goes the same for laptops and other electronic devices that you’d like to keep near you.

Long term damage can result from constantly carrying around your mobile phone close to your manhood.

So instead of putting your phone in your pocket, try to keep it as far away as possible.

You can start putting your mobile phone on your desk, backpack or attached to an arm strap.

Doing this habitually will increase the number of sperm swimming around your testicles.

5. Be Nice To Your Testicles

Sperm cells need to be cold in order to survive.

Scientists have found that the best quality sperm cells should be a few degrees below body temperature.

Now, sperm cells are collected in your testicles, or the scrotum area for a reason.

They are kept away from your core, thereby avoiding body heat and possible cell damage.

To raise your motility, you will have to be nice to your testicles.

Avoid wearing skinny jeans, tight briefs and other articles of clothing that pull your scrotum close to your body.

Don’t stay too long in a hot tub as it can raise your sperm’s temperature.

Go for boxers and looser pants and shorts.

Keep things cool down under and you’ll be rewarded with more sperm and a better chance at making a baby.

6. Get Some Exercise

Exercising is beneficial for one’s health.

It makes you lose weight, gain muscles and allows for optimal blood circulation.

Exercise is great for physical, mental and emotional health.

Now add sperm health to the mix.

More exercise means greater hormone production, in this case, testosterone.

When you have more testosterone circulating in your system, you get more sperm as well.

A study has revealed that 30 minutes of exercise is enough to provide a noticeable boost on one’s sperm count.

If you’re really serious, then doctors recommend a 5-hour a week exercise for the best motility results.

Choose a form of physical activity that you really like, then prepare a few hours a week doing it.

7. Get Enough Sleep

Catching up on quality Z’s is paramount if you want to increase your sperm quality.

Getting just 3 to 6 hours’ worth of sleep each day won’t be enough.

You will need to spend time in your bed not just for having sex, but for trying to improve your sperm count.

Getting more sleep equals a greater production of the much-needed testosterone hormone.

Men who habitually sleep 7 to 9 hours each day have a higher chance of getting their partners pregnant.

Don’t forget the power of sleep.

It’s easy to do and helps you and your sperm in the long run.

Tips On How to Perform Better in Bed As a Man

A fulfilling, romantic relationship is the foundation for a happy and understanding family life.

When a man is unable to sustain his sexual performance then this may contribute to strain within a relationship.

It can as well lead to the trouble of a couple or even splitting up.

The premature ejaculation difficulties contribute to a loss of self-confidence and self-esteem. It makes the matter a whole lot worse for a man if his partner isn’t understanding or supportive. There are many methods to influence how a man performs in bed which will lead to a more satisfactory sex life.

The erection of the penis is undoubtedly the most important part for males to perform sexually, and it requires very good blood circulation to this male organ.

When this occurs in the right way then enlargement of the penis takes place in a natural way and delivers full satisfaction to both the man and his partner.

If the blood flow to the penis is restricted when sexually aroused then sensation and feeling will be confined and may result in premature ejaculation.

To help avoid this, indulging in activities like a workout, walking or another exercise to increase circulation and staying power might help you to improve performance when learning how to perform well in bed as a men.

Mental control and deep breathing are necessary for a reasonable heightened sexual performance which once mastered you will find truly rewarding.

By understanding how to regulate breathing during sexual intercourse, you will be making use of just about all the natural solutions.

1. Secrets of Foreplay

Foreplay seems to be the simplest of acts that tend to get swept under the rug for whatever reason.

A woman normally needs this time for their bodies to react to the stimulation in order to get their juices flowing.

Because men seem to be stimulated so easily, some feel like she’s just as ready to go as he is, but this is not at all the case!

In fact, recent studies show that on average, it takes a woman 11 minutes in order to reach orgasm where it only takes a male 3 minutes.

Without foreplay, you could be losing precious time seeing how by the time actual penetration takes place, she’s just starting to become aroused and you’re almost finished! If you are the type of man who tends to come before she does, perhaps using a decent amount of foreplay can bridge that gap.

Getting back with the whole idea of a woman taking longer to be aroused and achieve orgasm, sexual stamina is another issue that can be corrected with the right amount of research and effort.

There have been plenty of exercises and techniques developed to help a man gain control of his orgasm to last long enough to bring his partner to hers.

Along with vitamins and lotions that can be purchased online or even at your local pharmacy, elongating your sexual stamina or endurance will have the benefit of letting your woman “catch up” so to speak with regard to stimulation.

Being able to last long enough in bed to satisfy your partner is absolutely essential!

2. Strengthening The PC Muscle

The proper name for it is the pubococcygeus muscle, but PC is what most people know it by. With this muscle, you control the flow of urine. It’s the very same function that you use to start and then begin urinating.

Kegels are very powerful in making this muscle better and stronger, which will grant you a firmer erection and make it so that you can cure premature ejaculation over time.

Simply do a few squeezes, hold, and releases several times a day when you are showering or relaxing. This muscle will start to get a little tender, but this just proves that it is no different than any other muscle and can be strengthened. This one technique alone will grant you a lot of staying power.

This also has been known to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction, because it promotes a harder penis.

It also strengthens the other muscular functions that occur when a man ejaculates, which means that it can help you control premature ejaculation, partly do to the fact that it strengthens the muscles in the pelvic floor going all the way back to the anal sphincter.

It also improves the Cremaster muscle which is the connective tissue that raises and lowers the testicles, mainly to help protect sperm during temperature regulation.

As a side benefit – this is also how a man can empower himself to eventually have multiple male orgasms.

3. Careful Masturbation Practice

The number one reason that most men cannot perform great in bed typically goes back to them masturbating way too quickly during their youth.

Even now this is a risk. You can retrain your penis to perform much better. Keep in mind to use nice, slow and softer strokes.

There is also a process called edging which you can do when masturbating. This is when you continue as normal, but back off just before the PONR (point of no return). The idea is to wait until everything calms down again, and repeat several times more. This is good practice that can really help over time.

4. Positions

If you want to improve how you perform starting tonight, you should understand that some positions are not the greatest for male stamina.

Doggy style is one of the better ones, while the most common which is a missionary is actually the worst for men who are trying to last longer.

Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are also pretty good positions to use to maintain control.

5. The Deep Position

There is a special erogenous zone that women have that is called the A spot. This can be found deep inside the vagina, and it borders the uterus. You’ll find it on the top, the inner wall of the vagina.

This requires deep penetration to stimulate, but that does not mean that you need to have a large penis.

There are two advantages to knowing about this zone. One, its one of the easiest places to stimulate a woman and can lead to her having multiple orgasms. Two, because it is so deep inside, the best practice is not to thrust into it but, rather to “massage” it with the head of your penis.

The best technique would be to think of pushing upwards. Lock your hips with hers and get as deep inside as possible, and push and rub the upper wall of the vagina.

Chances are pretty good that you won’t feel this spot particularly, but over time – she will. This can take a little practice and experimenting, but don’t sweat it.

Why am I recommending this position to you? Because one thing that leads to premature ejaculation is too much thrusting, and thrusting during intercourse too rapidly.

This zone and technique require that you use very little movement, which can keep your blood pressure down, and allow you to not be too stimulated.

6. Breathing

The A zone positioning also allows you to focus more on your breathing. Proper breath control is essential in calming your ejaculatory response and the corresponding muscles.

Breathing deep is good, but you don’t need to keep counting. What is important is keeping your breath patterns consistent. This will help slow your heart rate, clear your mind and relax the muscles a little more.

Penis Enlargement Methods For Men

Do you want to be blessed by a bigger penis?

Who wouldn’t?

Men often dream of having a bigger manhood.

They want to impress the ladies, or satisfy their partner in the bedroom.

A bigger penis is the ultimate sex tool you can have.

Improving the length, the size and the girth of your penis is a must-have.

But how does one succeed with penis enlargement?

We’re glad you asked.

Diet is a factor. In fact Dr. Jeff Ferrara of PhalloGauge recommends these penis enlargement foods.

But there are other methods as well.

Believe it or not, the penis is a part of the body that can grow in size and length.

It’s largely composed of spongy tissues and chambers for blood to fill in.

When you partake in exercises that stretch the tissues and allow more blood to enter the penis, you’re giving it a good chance to grow more than usual.

What’s more, there are many sex aids that increase your penis’ size.

Are you ready to try out proven penis enlargement methods for men?

Let’s start with the most popular method that you may already know.


jelqing demonstration diagram

Jelqing, or milking is one of the best ways to extend the length of your penis.

The very first thing you should know about the Jelqing process is that you should never do this exercise with a fully erect manhood.

A half-erection is the best state to do the milking method.

Your penis shouldn’t be too erect, nor should it be too weak or flaccid.

How can you do this?

Simple- get help from lubricants, or do a “wet” Jelqing.

Jelqing is quite easy to do, and it’s very effective and can be done long term.

So, to start with, apply lube to your penis to make it slick and ready for action.

Your right hand comes into play.

Make an “okay” sign with your right hand, with the thumb and pointing finger forming a circle.

Locate the base area of your semi-rigid penis, then grab that space using your “okay” sign.

Then, slowly move the ring up and outwards through the shaft and out the head, as if massaging it.

Form the “okay” sign using your left hand, then do what the left hand just did.

Continue the milking movement, pushing the blood trapped inside your penis to the head.

The idea here is that you’re acquiring precious blood cells and putting them where they’re needed the most.

If you’ve never done this before, you must start slow and with minimum repetition.

It’s safe enough to be used multiple times a day.

As you continue Jelqing, increase the repetition in order to achieve the desired results.

Penis Stretching Exercises

This method can really increase the length of your penis.

It’s a good beginner penis exercise that only takes 5 to 10 minutes per day.

Do a bit of a warm up before starting the Ultimate Stretcher.diagram of a penis stretch

You can apply a warm towel or take a hot bath to stimulate your penis’ blood chambers.

Right after warming up, grab ahold of your penis’ head, just right at the foreskin area.

Don’t put too much pressure as to experience pain or discomfort.

Then, start stretching it out gently.

The idea here is to feel the stretch, but not with too much force as to experience pain.

Stretch it out just right, then hold the position for a good 15 to 30 seconds.

Release your hold and allow your penis to rest for half a minute.

Repeat the Ultimate Stretcher for about 10 minutes.

This method is safe enough to use every day until you get the desired results.

At the start you will naturally stretch your penis ahead, but there are other ways to do it.

You can try stretching out in all directions.

Try the Ultimate Stretcher with your penis going up to your abdomen, down between your legs, to the left or to the right.


kegel anatomy

Kegel exercises aren’t just for women- men can benefit from this healthy exercise as well.

Blood flow and quality of erection will be improved when you start doing kegels.

You’ll learn how to control your erections and gain the appearance of a larger, more impressive penis.

Here’s how you do it:

Locate your PC muscles by stopping your pee.

Once you’ve identified where your Pubococcygeus muscle is, it’s time to exercise it.

Contract your PC muscle by doing the same thing as with stopping your pee without actually peeing.

Hold the contraction for a good 5 to 15 seconds, then release it.

Take a 5-second rest (count up to 5), then start the action again.

Continue the kegel exercises until you’ve reached your desired reps or when you’ve reached the 30-minute limit.

Continue with the exercise everyday until you have a firm control over your PC muscles.

You’ll start to notice that you have greater control over your erections.

A bigger penis with a rock-hard erection is truly an impressive sight!

Penis Pumps, Extenders and Pills

penis extender device

Penis extenders have gained popularity over the years as they deliver satisfactory results.

The tool works just like the exercises mentioned above.

But if you want additional help, then go ahead and get a penis extender.

Extenders work by “stretching” out your penis via a traction mechanism.

For the penis enlargement device to work, you must wear it for at least a few hours each day.

The penis pump is another device that uses the power of either water or air to stretch out your penis.

You start by putting your manhood inside the pump while it’s submerged in water.

A mechanism pulls your penis to its maximum length and holds it there.

The pressure pulls more blood to your extremities and makes your penis grow longer and bigger over time.

penis pump

Keep in mind that these tools will not correct your penis’ curvature.

Moreover, unusually-curved penises will stand to gain the least benefit.

Other methods of increasing the length, the size and the girth of your penis include enlargement creams, gels and pills.

The gel and creams are applied externally and are best used 15 to 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.

Penis pills are normally taken as supplements, which is once a day for a period of 3 to 6 months.

Try out all the exercises and methods outlined above and you’ll be sure to have a larger, bigger and longer penis in the long run!